Avast Home Edition

Avast Internet Security :

This is perfect security software for those who need deeper privacy protection. It lets you freely use the internet without any online threat, whether you want to shop, post a new tweet, use online banking or do any other activity online, you can do it without any worry. This software keeps your identity safe and also provides anti-ransomware protection to you.

Use Internet Without any Threat
• Ransomware protection keeps your personal files and photos encrypted
• It keeps you away from fake sites
• Quickly spots scam emails to keep you safe
• Secure firewall works like a gatekeeper who don’t let hackers to attack your PC

Complete Details about Avast Internet Security Features
Avast Internet Security is more than just an antivirus. You get some amazing features and components that make it everyone’s first choice.

• Firewall
• Anti-Spam
• Real Site
• Wi-Fi Inspector

• Intelligent Antivirus
• Behavior Shield
• CyberCapture
• Smart Scan
• Ransomware Shield
• Sandbox

• Password

Additional Features
• Passive Mode
• Do Not Disturb Mode
• Browser Cleanup
• Avast Account
• In-Product Support

There are three more Avast antivirus version for home

1. Avast Free Antivirus
2. Avast Premier
3. Avast Ultimate

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